Icareus Playout PC Compact Lab solution


Icareus Playout Compact PC100 is all-in-one Lab service for building a real broadcast TV environment optionally combined with cloud services to test, develop and demonstrate new Interactive TV services and and applications.

It is targeted for broadcasters, TV operators, CE manufacturers, universities, application developers and other research organizations.

Version 20180906.

Icareus Addressable TV Technical Specification


This document provides detailed technical details on Icareus Addressable TV Formats, +Activations and Creatives

Formats are: SwitchIn, ActiveAd, VideoSwap and Promote
+Activations are: Long-form video, Coupon, 1Pager and Microsite
Creatives: Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, L-Banner, Video

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us!

updated: 30.05.2019

Icareus Playout CS Carousel / Streamer Server Presentation (EN)

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Icareus Playout CS is a professional and world leading DSM-CC Object and Data Carousel server, used by the largest TV operators and broadcasters in the world. The Icareus Playout CS Carousel provides a complete solution to broadcast any type of Interactive TV application and data services as well as synchronise them with TV programs.

Version: 20170517

Icareus HbbTV Portfolio (EN)

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A general presentation on Icareus HbbTV offering.

Version 31.10.2018

Icareus Audience Measurement general presentation (EN)


A general presentation on Icareus Audience Measurement solution.

Version 12.02.2019.

Icareus Addressable TV Advertising General Presentation (EN)


This is a general presentation on Icareus Addressable TV Solution.

Version 14.8.2018.